House Inspection!!!!!

Tuesday was supposed to be a day off for me. Who am  I kidding? A day off? Hell no! I woke up early in the morning around 8am because I have to walk my pup out. I spent around 30 minutes out and came back home. House inspection falls on 5th of June I have to tidy up the whole house. My main concern is the backyard, full of mess and I cant stand it. All the weeds and dry leaves are everywhere. Adding up the heavy rain that occurred recently which makes it harder to clean.

So this is my plan for the day:

1. Walk my pup out
2. Clean the backyard
3. Clean inside house
4. Clean the porch
5. Writing up my practical report
7. Dinner with my close friend at the city

I thought cleaning the backyard is gonna consume lots of time but hey, I did it in an hour. Probably I can finish cleaning it earlier but I was playing with my pup in the same time.

Cleaning inside the house is much easier cause I wasn’t cleaning by myself. All my housemate are in after class. We organised one person to clean the kitchen and another one cleans air vent and another one mops the floor. The last one vacuum the carpet in the living room. All works out just fine because we have 4 of us in the house.

I cleaned the porch because I had finished my area. It was just dusting the front door, too much spider webs and dust.

It was easy. Now im blogging about it and off to the city from Mawson Lakes.

HAKUNA MATATA-It means no worries!

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