Coping with Strict Lectures & Studies

hello peeps!

Im sure that there are many lecturers are not easy going. Sometimes it is even worst when they subject that you have no interested in learning but you have no choice to avoid it. Now you have two negative issues, 1. lecturer is strict 2. no interest in that subject. Im sure that most of us will encounter this problems and this might lead to failing the subject which is terrible because you have to waste another 3 months to repeat the same subject again. You will not only waste time but as well as money paying for the per subject fees. For an international students the fees per subject is around 3000 aud. If you convert the money into each of our respective countries that will be so much more. However, this is not the end of the road. If you have strict lecture, try to please him with completing your work according to what the lecturer wants. For example, if he/she wants to you to type in font 11 instead of font 12, do it. This little things will make a lecturer satisfy and happy. Say, if the lectures are boring and you dont find interesting enough to listen. You can do one thing, bring snacks just to keep you awake. For me, i always bring snacks to the lectures so that I can stay awake and alert while in lecture. So that is about it guys!


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