Welcome to this shindig!

The first few things I heard about Adelaide didn’t please me, in all honesty. “It’s boring”, they said. “Everything shuts at 5pm!”, they claimed. “There is nothing to do for fun”, they insisted.

Imagine lugging these opinions on board a flight to a new place, for a new life.
Imagine my uncertainty.

Three years later, I sit in the comfort of my rented property nested in the suburbs, silently sulking about the Crows’ loss over the weekend.
It fascinates me how much I have assimilated into this wonderful culture.

Hello, new readers. My name is Divya and through this blog, you will learn more about me and why I love Adelaide for everything she is.

I took a giant step in deciding to come to Adelaide to pursue my undergraduate degree at UniSA and it has been well worth it. I will admit, it took a few months of adjustment – coming from a tropical country and being greeted by a 13 degree windy night the first day you arrive DEFINITELY leaves you doubting your decision – but where is the fun in life if you don’t stretch out of your bubble of comfort?

But if there is one thing I learned since coming here, it is that people – for the most part – are remarkably helpful creatures; all you have to do is ask!

I’ll leave you on that terribly helpful note.
In my next post, I will debunk myths about Adelaide being “boring”. Trust me, there is lots to do here!

Stay tuned!

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