Why study at UniSA? Because there is always someone there to help you out

Hey guys,

Let me introduce an exciting program that may satisfy you appetite as an international student.

The first couple of week of uni could be exciting but overwhelmed. You may have difficulties in finding lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, facilities and even cafeteria in your campus. You may also feel strange about your first assignments. You may feel isolated from domestic students. But don’t worry, there are a group of e-pals dedicate themselves to helping commencing students.

The e-Pal program serves for all EASS (Education, Arts and Social Science) students who have enrolled in the University of South Australia for the first 6-8 weeks of their commencing semester. This is an email based peer-mentoring program, new students in EASS degrees receive support and advice from their designated mentors. All new EASS students will be promptly receiving e-mails from e-Pals, e-Pals aim to help news students in settling themselves to new academic atmosphere and new social networking. E-Pals will also appear and support many events at the beginning of the semester, including International Student Welcome Week, Orientation Week, Meets and Greets for new students.

As a new student who come straight from high school, overseas or even from the country it can be quite daunting, they may have a bunch of questions need to be solved as soon as possible and  e-Pals are the experienced students that you can open your heart to. This personalized support during new students’ first couple of weeks at university is essential for student retention.

Remember, when you choose UniSA, there will always someone who can give you a help hand.

How exciting it is!

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