4 simple ways to get a hot body (title may be misleading)

I WAS TALKING ABOUT TEMPERATURE, YOU GUYS! Now that I have your attention…

I’m going to say what everyone is thinking; THIS WEATHER SUCKS.

3 years in Adelaide, and I still whinge and whine about the weather (alliteration for my language geeks, whaddup!).

And if you’re new to this side of the world, like I was in 2011, you’ll notice the change in climate – and it is quite extraordinary.

Here are the most effective ways to keep warm, in my opinion, without busting your budget!

Fan heater
Be wary of fan heaters
  1. Stay away from fan heaters – they are known to be notoriously expensive and inefficient even though it feels AMAZING to sleep with a fan heater at the foot of your bed. Trust me, a $700 electricity bill was enough to put me off fan heaters forever. If you must get a heater, get an oil heater – it may take longer to heat up the room, but it is much more efficient and cost-effective!
  2. Buy a wheat pack! You can get these at pharmacies, or fancy little gift stores (try Fireflies in City Cross). All you do is pop it in the microwave following the instructions (PLEASE remember to follow instructions – it could potentially be a fire danger if you microwave it for too long). I always have a wheat pack at my feet in bed because to me, the quickest way to warm up is to have warm and toasty feet!
  3. LAYER LAYER LAYER. Now I know all you fashionistas probably have a weird image of layering in your minds but trust me, you can still look good, still be fashionable while being smart about the weather. I always wear fleece-lined leggings (you can buy them off eBay, or any other site, really) under my jeans, and wear thermals under my tops. You can buy thermals from big W and they won’t cost you a bomb!
  4. Sleep with socks on – oldest trick in the book (maybe?!) Warm toasty feet = a good night’s sleep!

So go on out, do a little shopping and keep warm this winter courtesy of tips from your friendly local Divya!

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  1. Primal says:

    Hey divya!
    Your blogs are real good, though I’m just planning to study bachelors in international relations! I’m currently in India. Can u please guide me a bit! Looking forward to your reply!

    1. Hi Primal!

      The best way to make any UniSA enquiry is through our ‘Enquire Online’ page – they will redirect you to the appropriate office (in your case the International office) and are super speedy in their replies… unlike me!

      This was what I did when I applied to do my postgraduate studies here at UniSA and they were really helpful and spot on in their follow-up communication!

      Here’s the link: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Study-at-UniSA/International-students/Enquire-online/

      Hope this helps, and good luck with the application!

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