“these are a few of my favourite (free/cheap) things…”

…like that AMAZING song from that one AMAZING musical-movie. Yes, I am talking about ‘The Sound of Music’ – but I digress.

We all know living on a student budget has its lows – yes, just lows. Sometimes, scoring a 5 pack IndoMie at Woolworths for 99c is just about as exciting as life gets.


There are a number of things you can still do for free/cheap in Adelaide. Here are my top 3!

1. Ride the tram

It starts at the Entertainment Centre, and is free all the way to South Terrace. The ride takes about 30 minutes, and depending on just how bored you are (from all the ‘doing nothing because you don’t have money’), you could probably get away with riding this up and down a few times. Don’t quote me on that, though.

In all seriousness, the tram used to be my favourite part of living smack in the city; it was convenient, always on time, and if you love people-watching as much as I do (I swear I’m not a creep), the tram is where you will find a LOT of different people to watch (and just as many conversations to eavesdrop on – again, I’m not a creep!). And for a small fee of $1.30* (concession for Uni students, yay!) you can travel all the way to beautiful Glenelg for a picnic, or grab an ice-cream and walk on the jetty!
*the fare indicated is for travel during interpeak times:  9:01am-3pm weekdays



2. Relax by the Torrens @ Elder Park

Elder Park was my favourite “hangout” when my best friend and I, both International students, ran low on our funds (usually by the end of the month). We would walk there, pass the beautiful rotunda, and find a nice little spot for ourselves. Most times, we would bring some bread to feed the birds, and then proceed to freak out and run away when the pretty black swans approached us (yes, swans, roaming around… this exists). These days, there is a bridge connecting one side of the river to the other (as most.. bridges.. do?) which makes it really quick to get from the Adelaide Oval (yay, footy!) to Elder Park. On sunny days, you’d find people sprawled on the grass with a book in hand. If like me, you just don’t lie on grass, bring a blanket! The view of the river, a clear blue sky, and the sights and sounds of nature is, altogether, one free thing we probably should pay more attention to 🙂

what it used to be – what it looks like now is even more spectacular. see for yourself!

3. Go on a walking adventure

Now, I know this sound a bit daunting, so you don’t have to do this on your own (yes, drag someone else along to potentially get lost with you – great idea!). Adelaide has some really great little laneways that are just waiting to be discovered. Make a day of it by exploring these laneways and their quirks. Have a photo contest between you and your mates with a list of things to photograph on your adventure (wow, I am such an ideas person!)
Some of the popular ones have many establishments on them; Leigh Street and Peel Street, for example, are home to some really fantastic restaurants and cafés. But down the East End, you’ll find some really unexpected art displays in some laneways. Also, there is a FANTASTIC little chocolate place on one particular laneway…no, I can’t tell you exactly where because then, what is the point of this?

Leigh Street – what a beauty!

So go on, now. Discover all these free/cheap things you could do in Adelaide. And if and when you have, comment below so I can give you a cyber-medal, and some gloating rights!


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