UniBazaar @ City West Campus

As an aviation student, there was never an opportunity for me to put my business acumen to a test.

mini wheatgrass plantation

The opportunity came when I happened upon the UniBazaar event on our school’s website.  At UniBazaar, the goal is to maximise profits in whatever way possible. This could be achieved in the form of a performance, a charity drive, an educational booth or even a sporting competition. 

After having my first experience with wheatgrass in London, I have decided to be a full-time student as well as a part-time farmer. I have started growing my own wheatgrass at home.

My booth during the event XD

During the course of my study I met some amazing and wonderful people. Friends in which i share fond memories with.

  • Being able to make her cry.
  • Having conversation till 3am and having to wake up at 6am for a paintball game.
  • Getting relationship advice.
  • Making a fool of ourselves during brekkie (Australian slang term for breakfast).
  • Watching an in-house horror film, despite some of us being terrified of it (we watched Insidious).

Personally for me, being able to build a “family” on a foreign land best defined what it was like studying overseas. Although academic pursuit is important, sometimes it is also good to recognise that “It is not what you know, but who you know that matters”. Having said that, I hope that my friends do become bosses of their own – that would relieve me of my worry of being unemployed (haha).

little south-east Asia

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