Expectations …



There will come a point in time in our time as students, where we will be faced with this gap – the gap between our perceived reality and of reality itself. Naturally, coming from a rather (or some would even argue, extremely) meritocratic place called Singapore, I had great academic expectations entrusted onto myself. Failure to meet my own personal goals would result in me beating myself up – emotionally and psychologically. “Are you stupid” or the more Singapore way of  expressing one’s disappointment: “OMG, this time die le lah”. Honestly if you were to ask me, those period were akin to that of a emotional roller coaster ride. It was really stressful and mentally draining.

So the question is … how did I manage to overcome it or at least mitigate it’s harmful effects?

Some of you may be skeptical of this, but the ‘Focus and concentration’ workshop as well as the counselling sessions provided by LTU does help. I recall a particular session with one of the counsellors and the analogy she gave, “When you are comparing yourself to others, it’s like driving a car and looking into other people’s car. Will you get to the destination you want?”. She use another driving analogy to illustrate the point of  me always using my past to judge myself “What happens when your attention is always focused on the  rear view mirror when you are driving?”.

Your PAST shapes who you are TODAY.
Your PRESENT decides who you are TOMORROW.
– Yours truly 🙂

After months of internal struggle, I finally saw the light. The light of ‘enlightenment’ and came up with the quote above.disappointment-expectation-reality

To all students, life may seem bleak at times, where we would even resort to self-doubt, have HOPE nonetheless – that all things would turn out just fine and that this arduous challenge is just a test to make you grow stronger.

There is nothing wrong with expectations, we just need to have realistic expectations. Understanding who we are – our strengths, our weakness, our limitations, our capabilities and that like others, we only have 24 hours a day!

Lastly, I would like end off with a quote by Mark Twain that I would occasionally turn to:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.”

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  1. xt.148 says:

    In other words, we should accept who we are & be more realistic although we can always have a higher aim. All the best!

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