Scratching your head over the exams? Why not go for a half-day shopping @ Rundle Mall?

Sale Sale Sale

End of semester exams coming up from 21st June, some of our students might feel ants in their pants. I heard quite a few times that some students hang around at library with course materials. NO, this is not the right way to handle your exams! As a Chinese old saying goes, the string will be snapped off if it was taut too long.

Sale @ SportsgirlThe end of financial year clearance sale has begun since mid-May until end of June, discounts and half-price commodities are coming irresistibly. The annual financial year clearance sale is a massive event in South Australia, it is a perfect opportunity for students to purchase trendy clothes, daily necessities and other affordable merchandise.

As the premier retail area of South Australia, Rundle Mall is an ideal place to have a one-stop shop. If you are still agonising over your exams, then, stop and to go for a half-day shopping. Because it is time to recharge your batteries.

Sale @ hsI’m not trying to persuade anyone to spend your pocket money on unnecessary products. What I try to suggest here is when you feel overwhelmed, shopping may not be the best way to ease off but a good way to do something away from your textbooks and PPTs. It would be counter-productive if you starring at texts and charts all day long.

Do something fun, don’t be sunk in your exams, because no one wants to be a study freak. Having received a positive emotional response from shopping, it is in my opinion, NECESSARY!

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