Eat to live or live to eat?

You either fall into the former category (mehhh) or the latter (clearly the better one!) – no prizes for guessing which category I belong to!

I LOVE breakfast

But sometimes (most times) my student pocket cannot withstand the luxury of decadence (insert very, very sad face) so it is a good thing that cooking can be as inexpensive as you need it to be!

In my three-going-on-four years in Adelaide, I have scoured the interwebs for some really fantastic, fast and frugal meals to prepare. here are some of my favourites:

Mixed Vegetable Minestrone Soup – my winter staple

Chicken Parmi (or ParmA if you’re one of them Victorians…pfft) – I use eggplant in place of the chicken since I’m vegetarian, and it works out to be cheaper too!

Vegetable Curry – I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who said they did not like Indian food 🙂

Spanish Tortilla – While I’m not paid to advertise this service, I think it is a great one. Get on the Coles’ website and search over 3000 recipes to fit a tight budget.

$8.68 for this beauty!


  • I always keep a bag of frozen mixed veg in the freezer for when I need to add some nutritional value to my instant noodles (it makes me feel so much better knowing there are little cubes of carrot and peas in my dinner!)
  • Tinned tomatoes are another pantry staple; you never know when you’re going to feel like a simple tomato based pasta
  • Going to the supermarket with a shopping list always helps me steer clear from buying unnecessary items. Also, shop on a full stomach; you are apparently more likely to purchase on impulse when hungry!
  • Buy ‘home brand’ or ‘no brand’ items; they are much cheaper, and I’ve never been able to tell the difference. 79c for a tin of tomatoes? Don’t mind if I do!

So swap those 99c packets of instant noodles for some hearty meals on the cheap!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ojhx says:

    where did you take that picture at ? The breakfast looks delicious XD

  2. Zuma’s at the Markets!

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