Watching 2014 FIFA World Cup matches with your buddies @ Jeffery Smart Building


The 2014 FIFA World Cup began last Friday, it is a quadrennial revelry for hundreds of millions soccer fans all around the world. A considerable number of our students won’t miss out this fantastic soccer tournament. Here, I recommend an ideal place to those soccer enthusiasts where you won’t need to pay ten dollars for beers and sit around with drunkards – the UniSA Jeffery Smart Building – very safe and alcohol-free zone for students.

Since last Friday, the forum on the ground floor, which equipped with a huge LED screen, provides a cinema-like enjoyment of World Cup matches, students are able to watch live World Cup matches on SBS channel in that forum with their pals. Of course, any alcohol drinks and cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the Jeffery Smart Building and there will be security guards patrolling around the building. This is an ideal place to safely celebrate winning games with you pals.

If you are staying and preparing for exams at Jeffery Smart Building overnight, then watching a soccer match with your study pals would be a great way to draw breath. I watched a blood-burning match this morning with my mates, when Mario Balotelli headed home Antonio Candreva’s cross from close range, everyone in the forum cheered up by his goal, only 5 mins into the second period. I also got a slice of pizza from an Aussie peer student as he was so crazy and happy for Mario’s goal.

There will be a lot of fun in Jeffery Smart Building, don’t hesitate to celebrate winning games with your mate in there!

Click here for a copy of World Cup matches schedule, I know you won’t want to miss out on it.

Viva la fútbol

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