Who doesn’t love free things?

What’s up, cats?

How has everyone been spending their haaaaalidaaaaays? (say it with a wild, exaggerated and highly dramatized tone of voice to see where i’m getting at. if all else fails, well, your loss!)

I’ve been doing a bit of globetrotting myself, but enough about me already!

I know I’ve lamented on here in the past about how student life can make that hole in your pocket seem SO MUCH WORSE than it is – I’ve been a student for 3.5 years, guys, I know my misery, and what could possibly be worse than being a movie buff in Australia?! NOTHING.


Okay, i’m kidding, obviously. While I have grown to absolutely love this country, we can’t hide from the fact that a trip to the movies can be an expensive outing. I come from Malaysia, and trust me, it is no fun to make comparisons about the prices of tickets.

Well, I’m not just going to whinge about something without offering you a solution – I’m nicer than that!

The good folks at UniSA have joined forces with the amazing, super cool, godly infrastructure that is the new Jeffrey Smart Building to bring you:

image courtesy of UniSA’s website

Movies at Jeffreys is a series of free movie screenings held at the above-mentioned super cool Jeffrey Smart Building. with free popcorn for students, and fairly new films, Movies at Jeffreys is the way to go for thrifty movie buffs who don’t mind waiting for their favourite movies to be screened.

Simply ‘Like’ the University of South Australia’s Facebook page for updates on movie screenings, or click here for all related information.

So go on, make a night of it with friends this winter .

Save your pennies, watch a Movie at Jeffreys!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Palace Nova Cinemas have $8.50 movies on Mondays (excluding public holidays) – hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Anonymous! That’s a pretty sweet deal 🙂

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