Join in the UniSA Sports Centre now to bear up against freezing winter



Hey pals, congratulations first of all as your final exams for study period 2 are GONE!!! How exciting it is, now you have plenty of time to do whatsoever you want (BUT please don’t do anything against the law), you can sleep over 12 hours, you can go clubbing with your bros and girls, you can cheer up the championship of FIFA World Cup overnight, you can indulge in trending movies etc. Say goodbye to studies for a while and enjoy your freedom now!

Some of you guys may ask what I am supposed to do in this freezing winter, gusty winds and flurries can mess things up. Yes, it is not a great time to do outdoor activities at present, like pub crawls, surfing and hiking, but showers and gales cannot break off your indoor activities. As far as I am concerned, it would be a great time to join in a fitness club and build up your muscles, don’t just sleep like hibernation or stay in with a heater.

“Oh…..No…..the fitness clubs may take hundreds of dollars from my pocket, I won’t do that! I hate joining fees and access pass fares!” A friend of mine said to me last night.

“Come on mate, why don’t you come to visit our UniSA sports club?” I asked him in reply. “We can enjoy unbelievably low prices to join in the membership program because we’re UniSA students, can’t we?”

“Oh yeah mate, you’re right, I wouldn’t have thought about that, let’s have a look on Monday!” he replied.

Are you the one who shrinks from high joining fees and redundant terms and conditions from public fitness clubs? Are you the one who has the desire to build up a perfect curvy body of yours? If so, don’t hesitate to come and join in our UniSA Health and Fitness Centre. (I’m not trying to make an advert here…)

The UniSA Health and Fitness Centre ( has two locations, one at City East Campus and the other one located at Magill Campus. A number of professional staff are available there providing personalised fitness program to help student meet personal training objectives. As you can see blow, UniSA registered students will be able to enjoy friendly price plans that motivate you to bear up against freezing winter. What a nice bargain!

Membership type Casual 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
UniSA Students/UniSA Staff $7.00 $45 $100 $160 $300

But it is totally up to you whether you wanna keep staying at home with heaters and PC games or come out for health exercises. I decide to join in a 3 months membership with our UniSA Health and Fitness Centre, would you like to come and join me?

(Good health is your greatest asset, isn’t it?)

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