Rainy days; a pedestrian(‘s) nightmare

I’m going to lead off with the obvious, you guys. IT IS FREEZING.

When I wrote this, I was not expecting what we endured yesterday. It was reportedly Adelaide’s coldest day (okay, I use the word ‘reportedly’ very loosely – some random on a Facebook group I am in said so. You got me) and guess who was stuck in the midst of it?

Come on, I know you want to play this guessing game, I so know it.


The answer is..


Divya Balakumar – only the world’s most idiotic person on Wednesday, July 9 2014 (on other days, I am usually in top form).

I mean, what excuse did I have? I WAS THE ONE WARNING ALL MY FRIENDS!

“Be careful when you drive, the Police have sent out a weather warning”, I said.
“Make sure your car is undercover, the wind is going to be pretty bad*”, I exclaimed.
*I may have used a more vulgar form of expression, but let’s pretend I’m not a potty mouth, shall we?

Yet, I, the lone crusader against our crazy weather, the solo compatriot (sorta) alerting the masses… I, Divya Balakumar, left the house without an umbrella.

Now, the details as to why I did such a blasphemous thing shall forever remain a mystery (I’m resorting to this: Umbrellas are like bobby pins – they just go missing)

I sought shelter under a tree (I hear that isn’t the greatest idea), inside a building (at a very low point, I considered just “taking” someone else’s umbrella) and under a bus stop.
I was actually numb, but I still had to Instagram my situation – isn’t that what everyone does these days? I got sprayed by inconsiderate drivers, and kids jumped into puddles next to me.

Overall, I give it a 10/10 for overall poopiness.

So kids, the lesson here is simple:


The End.

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