Orientation Week !


To those new students enrolled in SP5, a warm welcome to the UniSA family.

For the international students, it would definitely be a fun filled week – with all the social interaction. Apart from the campus tours, there will be a trip to Victor Harbor and Granite Island on Thursday and Haigh’s chocolates and Adelaide Central Market tour on Friday.

Victor Harbor – South Australia

I remember exactly 2 years ago, where i went to the orientation feeling scared and alone. I was a rather introverted person and in addition, in a foreign land. The thoughts of having to meet new people and having to strike conversations freaked me out. Retrospectively speaking, that was a really good platform in honing our social skills – adapting to a new environment.

There are a two helpful tips that i can offer (base on personal experience)

  1. Overcoming Reservations
    I guess sometimes we are concern about the impression others have of us. In most cases, our brain would direct us towards negative scenarios, and it is with those preconceived notion that we decide to keep to ourselves then. However, those fears are really unfounded. Dare yourself to take the first step, of striking up a conversation and those fears will start to fall away.
  2. Conversational topics
    So the next problem is … what do i talk about? Australia’s weather is ever-changing and that itself could be a conversational topic (at least that’s what i usually do). Once the conversation starts, just go with the flow. If the person still remains passive, you can kindly end off with “It was nice knowing you” and then approach someone new.

Friends really do make up a great part of one’s university journey and contribute a lot to the great memories you’re going to have at UniSA. Therefore I do encourage you to start early, of using the opportunity to widen your social circle.

You can read more about welcome week at the new students website

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