Extra curriculum activities!!!

Hello international students (:

To the new students of UniSA, there are a wide range of clubs and activities that you can participate in.

1. Your culture, My Culture
What i can expect: With students from; Brazil, US, UK, Europe and mostly South-East Asia, one can expect to meet people from diverse nationality. This diverse interaction would be a good platform to hone our social skills.

Leadership Program live In Event
Leadership Program live In Event

2. Leadership Program
What i can expect: What makes a good leader? How can i be a good leader? From this year long program, one would be able to better one’s strengths and weakness through individual and group personality test. I believe that to be a good leader, one must first be able to manage oneself. Through the training and session, there are many useful skills in which one can benefit and apply it to everyday life.

3. Perfect Pitch Workshops
What i can expect: Perfect Pitch is a series of workshops for UniSA students to access knowledge and advice from experts on grant writing, volunteering, public speaking and thus developing one’s employability skills upon graduation.

Japanese Students on an exchange program @ Mawson Lakes Campus

4. Student Ambassador Program
What i can expect: Through the bottom mentioned events, one would be able to participate in divisional and university wide marketing meetings as well as having professional development opportunities such as seminar on presentation and representational skills.

For Business Students:

  1. Business Mentors
  2. Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
  3. International Students’ Business Societies
  4. Events Management Committee

For community work and involvement:

  1. ARA Homework Club @ Mawson Lakes Library – Australian Refugees Association
  2. AIME – Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
  3. AIESEC – Youth Leadership Development

On top of all these mentioned, there are also UniSA Sports clubs which you can be part of.

I have attended most of the programs/groups mentioned above (except the business ones, since i am an Aviation student) and found that they have really added colours to my journey as a university student. I would greatly encourage you to participate in more extra-currculum activities, widening your social circle and enriching your experience.

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