How to spend less money on wonderful movies?



Hey guys, I must thank Divya for her blog post “Who doesn’t love free things” published few weeks ago, by which I am inspired to share my experiences here with respect to cheap movies and money-saving tactics. Two key words (both of which start with “M”) would be used to summarise my tactics, one, MEMBERSHIP; two, MONDAYS!

2014-07-21 00.22.26

Look! As a film-goer, I joined two membership clubs, cinebuzz for EVENT Cinemas and HOYTS rewards for HOYTS Cinemas. Why membership cards? Benefit 1, you will be getting a free movie entry when joining a membership rewards program. Benefit 2, you will be able to earn reward points each time you spend money on movies, and the rewards you earned could be redeemable against any future purchase, such as movie tickets, popcorn n drink combos and even movie products. Benefit 3, (ATTENTION!!!), you’ll be eligible to purchase discounted tickets to a nominated Member Movie of the week (That’s why!).

If you have a valid student’s card, then joining movie clubs for Students will give you even greater benefits and offers. Trust me, it is real! Event Cinemas, for instance, provide $8.00 movies anytime Monday and $9.00 Tuesday to Thursday 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm. Students can access exclusive offers to watch trendy movies.

My girlfriend and I watched 22 Jump Street last weekend, a MA 15+ American comedy and crime film with 7.9/10 IMDB rates. You may need to spend 22.50 bucks out of your pocket for a ticket in last two weeks, but now I spent only 10.00 bucks with my membership card as I received Membership Movie notifications from cinebuzz club. Yes, go and get a membership card from your nearest cinemas.

MONDAY is neither a payday nor a public holiday, but a big day to film-goers! Because you’ll be able to enjoy Monday movie specials in every cinemas. Let’s see, for example, the Palace Nova Eastend cinema @ Rundle Street offers only $7.50/$8.50 2D and $12.50 3D movies for all customers. It is like a HALF PRICE deal on every Monday, especially for those who loathe full-price movies.

Why not ENJOY the rest of your holidays in cinemas with lowest prices? 

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