Notice much?

Hey you guys!

First off, I’m terribly sorry for not posting in ages – I feel like I’ve let down a faithful following (in my head, there have been people holding signboards outside the UniSA building demanding that I return to blogging and starting a picket line and holding protests and… okay, I’m getting carried away)

I’ve been sick for the last seven days. Yes, SEVEN WHOLE DAYS of being sick.

If you’re sick now, you should be reading Jack’s post and deciding what your next course of action should be. Personally, I might have waited too long (I only saw the doctor on day 5). I tend to think it is better to see a doctor sooner than later – all International students need Overseas Student Health Insurance anyway, and most clinics bulk bill, so don’t sit on your butts in sickness, march up to a clinic and get the help you need!

It wasn’t a great week to be sick, I’ll tell you that. The day I got sick, was the day of the MH17 crash, so naturally as a journalism student, I planted myself in front of the TV all day (thank you, ABC News 24) and boy was that depressing. My heart goes out to everyone whose lives have been affected by this tragedy.

On Monday, I had to go to uni (yeah, a whole week before uni actually started, geez).
While at uni, I had a realization: Notice boards are pretty amazing.

Now you may think this is a petty thing to “realize” after, what, 3.5 years at uni, but let me explain.

I’ve always walked past these boards in awe of the creativity of students who bother with such artsy looking signs asking for a roommate. Of course, on the flipside there are some really straight up crazy ones, so I’m glad the notice board gets “rejuvenated” once a month (or something like that).

Notice boards are a fantastic way to

  1. Find new accommodation
  2. Be in the know of activities on campus
  3. Buy a cheap car (students don’t sell BMW’s, so do the math)
  4. Buy second hand textbooks (bet no one told you how expensive books were, huh?!)
  5. Get to know of useful services (proof reading is a good one for ESL students!)

I’ll leave you with this awesome picture of an awesome notice board in the best (biased view) campus ever, Magill!

Have a fun weekend, cats!


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