Any better places than RAS? Yes…Quite a few!

Hey guys, I believe many of you have been to the SA’s biggest annual event – Royal Adelaide Show and rejoiced over the carnival rides, X-motor show, agricultural exhibitions, fashion parade and fireworks. It is a so-called “people’s event”, people from 6 year old kids to 75 year old seniors can get entry to the show to playing and spectating anything attractive to themselves. But, to be honest, the RAS is becoming disenchanted with its high prices of goods and rides.

You can stand up and say “bullshit”, well, it’s your right to say. For me, I’d rather spend 100 dollars on a mini camping tour than on “tasty foods” like “Dagwood Dogs”, “chips-on-stick” or “turkey legs”. 15 dollars a sausage mate, you can certainly buy a pack of sausages from the supermarket for much less than that. My girlfriend and I went to the RAS on last Saturday and spent over 150 bucks on foods and entry tickets, and we did not take any rides and other fancy products. It has become a “money” event. We both felt disappointed with the show, and we decided to get some fresh air on Sunday, somewhere away from crowded people and vehicles.

Over a peaceful night, a cosy and gorgeous place popped out of my head – Hallett Cove Conservation Park. The Hallett Cover Conservation Park is Australian’s most outstanding geological and archaeological sites, it is also an ideal place for fishing and swimming.

The Entry
The Entry

Don’t have a car? Not an issue at all. It is quite easy to get to the Hallett Cove Conservation Park through public transport, by taking the train (SEAFRD towards Seaford) from Adelaide Railway Station for 1 hour and getting off at the Hallett Cove Beach Railway Station, then heading north through Heron way for roughly 600m, the HCCP will be on your left hand side.

“曲径通幽处”(A Chinese old-saying – a winding path lead to a quiet seclusion)
“曲径通幽处”(A Chinese old-saying – a winding path lead to a quiet seclusion)

Walk along the path through the woods… the entire sandy shore of Hallett Cove will come into your sight. You can stand on the top of the cliff and overlook the Gulf St Vincent. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air and the blowing wind.

Then keep moving along the interpretative walking trial that describes the park’s cultural and geological heritage. It is worthwhile to mention that the Hallett Cove cliff was formed by rocks in the floating iceberg which crashed with the land 280 million years ago, Wooooooooow.

The northern cliff
The northern cliff

According to the website of National Parks of South Australia, the outstanding glacial pavements along the northern cliff tops are recognised as the best record of Permian glaciation in Australia and have international significance.


It would be taking at least 40 mins to walking down to the beach from the top of cliff, I’ll say it is a very very nice exercise! If you feel thirsty or starving, then go grab some foods and drinks in the Boatshed Cafe, a family restaurant serves yummy pizzas, snacks and beverage. If you have plenty of time then why don’t wait until sunset?



You won’t regret this highly recommended trip, it is, honestly, far better than the money show – RAS! You’ll see!

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