At the end of the year, as student ambassadors, in appreciation for the time and effort we have put in, we are given gift cards.  As for the international team, we opted to have a get together dinner !

International Student Ambassador Thank you Dinner (:

The get-together/thank you dinner at The Lion Restaurant was near perfect. What made it less perfect was Nabil’s honest feedback towards my blogposts *clench fist and seething with rage* (If you are wondering who’s Nabil, he’s the scheming one who’s always standing beside me in the photos, with his arms “warmly” slung around my shoulders).

So what did Nabil say?
In response to my question of ” So did you read my blog? What are your comments?”, he replied: “oh, your posts ah, they’re boring ah *ending off with his trademark grin*”. That night, I cried myself to sleep, with Nabil’s words constantly repeating in my head. hahaha …

Anyway, his honest yet hurtful feedback actually made me realise that I needed to improve on my current style of blogging. Drawing reference from the youtubers of Clash of Clans (the app game that I am currently playing), I have decided to make the subsequent posts based on Y-O-U-R REQUEST !

So how it works?

Drop me an email at with your request and the next blog post would be specially tailored to your request ~

Student Ambassador Thank you Event @ Jeffery Smart Building

One Comment Add yours

  1. Nabil says:

    Ironically enough, this has to be my favourite post from you 😉

    Love it

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