What you get to do as an International Student Ambassadors !

Agent Program Update
Agents 1
Our agents from Sydney (:
Kirsten's Introductory Presentation
Kirsten James’s (Deputy Director: International Marketing, UniSA International) introductory speech.

The main role of student ambassador is to provide a prospective students with a first person account of what is it like to be studying in UniSA. Apart from going to high school and share our experience to year 11 & year 12 International students, we would also attend events such as Open House, IDP, AUG and AOJI. Just last week, i had another great opportunity to travel with the International department on their agent program update @ Sydney.

It was really and interesting experience as i was able to catch a glimpse of what it was like during the agent visits (where our regional officer would visit agents on the latest achievements and changes of UniSA and also answer any questions the counsellors may have). I have a greater understanding of how my role as an student ambassador fits in, as well as the marketing campaign and operations of the international department.

During the interactions i had with the agents over lunch, one of the agents actually asked how i got this chance to travel with the school. She further went on to add that from her dealings with UniSA, she feels that (as compared to other universities) UniSA do attribute a substantial amount of budget for marketing and promotion (which is also the reason why i am able to travel interstate in sharing my experience as a student).

There are indeed many of such great opportunities at UniSA for students.

1. Business Student Ambassador.

2. Global Experience Student Ambassador.

There are student ambassador roles in each campus. Be sure to check your email for any vacancies/application !!

Kirsten & I
Dinner @ Darling Harbour with international team and agents (:

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