Accommodation: How much would it cost to move into an unfurnished apartment ?

Yipeeee the long summer break is finally here (:

I have received numerous emails enquiring about issues pertinent to accommodation. On the top of the list is the estimated cost required to move into an unfurnished apartment. 

The estimated cost is about $920 and the breakdown are as follows,
1. Fridge + washing machine (From GumTree – 2nd hand) = $500
2. Bed + Bed frame (From IKEA) = $200
3. Microwave = $120 
4. Table/Bookshelf/Chair: $100

Other basis stuff that you may need includes:
– Kettle: which you can get cheaply at Target or K-Mart
– Crockeries and Cutleries: which you can get from IKEA or Woolworths/Coles.
– Clothes hanger and other misc such as dustbins: which you can purchase at Cheap as chips/Reject Shop.

Gumtree would definitely be the place where you can look to purchase second hand stuffs. There are even occasions where you can get the items you need for FREE. 

Cheap as Chips / Reject Shop: would be a viable source to get your misc small items such as: containers to store food, air fresher, linen roller, towels, stationary, etc etc. 

Also from experience, it would NOT be advisable to buy pans/pots that are too cheap. They may warp or the coating may peel off, thus you may end up having to spend more to buy a replacement. From personal experience, purchases from IKEA and the major supermarkets such as Coles & Woolworth are reliable. 

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