Tips of job interview and job-hunting – Preparatory

Posted in Beijing.


Hey pals, it’s been a long time past since my last blog article carried in our International Blog. In the last few weeks, I went back to my motherland – China and started seeking for employment opportunities in order to feed my belly. Fortunately, I’ve been interviewed by a couple of companies within two weeks as soon as I settled everything down here and they are all very interested in my overseas study and work experiences, lucky me!

This week, I am going to share some of my experiences of first-round interview with you and I would also recommend two very very interesting books to you regarding job-seeking and career-changing.


Let’s start with a pessimistic fact to illustrate the way a typical employer prefers to fill a job vacancy.

Job Seeker Flowchart

The hierarchical chart above shows the possibilities (from the highest to the lowest) by which you might be invited to an interview. It is undoubtedly clear that the most common way for us to seek for jobs (websites, newspaper ad and flyers) represents the most ineffective way to get a job, I mean, for the majority of new graduates.

But the optimistic side is, in this digitised world there are too many virtual places online that you are able to choose to creatively publish your resume.

  • How to send my CV to as many HR personnel?

Are you still handwriting or typing your CV at home and then preparing to mail them to the HR departments? Please stop doing this old-man’s job-hunting method, just turn to create an account at online job-seeking websites and to edit a piece of informative CV, I promise your interview invitations would be triple than mailing.

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • CareerOne
  • SEEK

LinkedIn is a networking site of job-hunting, you can create a personal profile on this site and you can write anything about your story and professional experiences in a logically standardised template provided by LinkedIn. By following up your friends, school mates, colleagues and tutors, your profile will be indirectly viewed by someone in their networks, who might be interested in you or your experience.

Facebook is the largest SNS platform in the world, yes you probably already knew it but you may think I’m kidding you if I say it is a career website as well. Try clicking,, through FB, you may find out something funny and handy.

CareerOne and SEEK, yes, they are the two primary job-seeking websites in Australia, go and search jobs from there.

  • Before you start typing the resume, stop to think about something that’s closely relevant to you and the position you applying for

Always ask yourself before you kick-off:

  • Who am I?
  • What I am looking for?
  • What I can get from this job?
  • Am I really need/like this job?
  • How I become competent to this job?
  • Will I keep passionate in this job?
  • How to approach the employer?
  • How to win the interview if I get invitation?
  • One book that may change your job-seeking process

Bolles, R N 2013, What colour is your parachute? A practical manual for job-hunters & career-changers, 41st edn, Ten Speed Press, NY.

What colour is your parachute? Is an annual handbook written for job-seekers and career-changers. It has been recognised as the world’s most popular job-hunting guide and it contains enormous information and suggestions with regards to the issues you might be encountered in the process of job searching. I call it “the Bible of job-hunting.” From writing CV to job interview, from salary negotiation to workplace socialisation, this book is very informative and highly recommended to new graduates like us.

Job-searching is like blind dating (in Chinese, we call it Xiangqin 相亲), you’ll never know who you are going to meet and what will be happening during the date, everything rests upon your improvisation, preparation, and some sort of predestination.

So, always be prepared and ask yourself before searching.

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