Giving you the E.D.G.E – English Club providing IELTS & Mock Interviews services

  • Do you want to live or work in a English-speaking environment?
  • Do you want free English assistance?
  • Do you have difficulty speaking to native-english speakers?


Do you want to be The Bright Lightbulb , standing out among the rest ?!?

Understanding that there’s IELTS could quite a feat for some students, we have started EDGE (English Development for Greater Eligibility), a club to assist students with the speaking component of IELTS !

The conduct of the event would be as such …

  • Participants would be sorted out into small groups.
  • Each group would have their own facilitator [Native speaker of English] who would provide questions similar to that of IELTS
  • Feedback would be given to participants on how they can improve.

IELTS’s grading criteria would be provided to the facilitators and therefore you can ensure quality learning opportunities. Moreover, we are also looking into providing other services such as “IELTS (writing) marking and feedback” as well as “mock-interviews” to increase the confidence and experience of students when it comes to interview. Members can choose to be either participants or even facilitators (: Our first event would be on the 5th June !

Joining of this club is ABSOLUTELY FREE !

3 Simple steps to join: 1. Click HERE 2. Log in to your USASA account (not student login account). 3. Click “JOIN NOW” You can mail any enquires to: *Photo Credit:

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