Maximising your international student life @ UniSA

In my final year of studies, “regrets” may start to surface. “Gosh, why didn’t i join this when i was in first year”, “Gee … i wished i knew this earlier”, “i didn’t have time then to join and now it’s too late”… and here i am, hoping that you can benefit from my experience it (:

1. Time management

Table 1: Urgent - Important - Priority
Table 1 :      Urgent – Important – Priority

We may often focus on the wrong priorities and as a result, not have enough time for anything. Planning ahead (noting of key dates) would be a good way of getting organised. It would allow you to plan your time around key dates and plan for leisure time.

Click to download: study planners

2. Participating in extra-curriculum activities.

There are certain skill and knowledge that would enhance our transition into society – social skills; financial knowledge; leadership; management; etc. By participating in extra-curriculum activities, you will definitely hone a wide range of skills. The Leadership Program, Clubs (Sporting, Social, Academic), Mentoring and Volunteering, Your culture My culture, Student Ambassador, AIME, Volunteering,  etc … could potentially be your starting point(s) !!

3. Making more friends. 

Friends …… In the current book i am reading (Tipping Point: How little things can make a great difference by Malcolm Gladwell) it highlights the importance of having social connections. Job, in times of need and fun are some obvious benefits of having an extensive social network. Being an introvert myself, i can understand the difficulties it would require to step out of our comfort zone but the benefits would definitely be worth it.

If you are feeling stressed up and need someone to speak to: UniSA counselling service

4. Realising that its the journey that matters more than the results. 

Lastly, i could still recall when i first came into University and was so fixated on results. Everyday it was about studies and studies and more studies. University life should not be like that ! It can be the best time of your life if you balance out work and play. Join activities, get good grades, make more friends and smile more, that should be what University life be like (:

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