Journey of the “Local International “students in the University of South Australia


At the beginning of the new semester in 2015, we organised a video of “local international” student. It focuses on the four students Arthur, Eric, Kelly and Veasna who have completed local high school or Diploma pathways to come to the University of South Australia.

As we all know, as the “local international” students they more familiarise with everything of living in Adelaide compare to students directly from overseas. This is a strength for overseas students to better plan their life.

No doubt, this experience helps them to quickly familiarise with the university study as well.  If students who come from Australian local high school, they have already gained some good study skills and familiarise with the Australian study style. They can feel the university study is just like an update version of high school study as they have already independently to study in high school but the university study requires students to be more independent.

Anyway, the journey of a “local international” student is not all about study! As they lived in Adelaide for a long time, they know how to plan a colourful life in Adelaide such as where to buy food in a good deal, where to eat some delicious cuisine and where to have more fun for entertainment. It is a good experience for you to be a “local international “student. 😉

Let’s have a look the “local international” students’ colourful journey in the University of South Australia!

International year 12 graduate UniSA student experience video:

International student experience(Adelaide info and lifestyle) video :

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  1. ashwin says:

    hi i am ashwin from india. I want to study MBA in your university,so may i know the fees detail of the course .. Thank you

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