Are you happy?

During a recent interview, i noticed how forlorn a student was while she was recounting her experience @ University.
That night, i couldn’t help but asked myself the question: “Am i happy?” 

I could vividly recall my first year when i was still at the stage of self-discovery and that was when i had lots of self-doubts and was only fixated with academic grades. It was really miserable as life only seem to revolve around studies and nothing else. Over the course of the next two years, experiences i had changed my paradigm of life.

To all UniSA students, Are You Happy? I really hope you’re (:
For most of us, University is the phrase before we transit into the working class. Take this chance to really discover yourself, to find things that make you happy (: In our bid to achieve success/results, we may sometimes lose sight of the process – the process of enjoying the journey and being happy !

UniSA also has free counselling services for students:   UniSA counselling 

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Are you happy?

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