Open Day at UniSA

190x180_Arthur  by Arthur

August 15 was a spectacular day for the University of South Australia as it held an open day for guests to visit their campus. As a student ambassador it was my duty to represent the city west campus.Open_Day_2015

The weather was extremely beautiful on the day and full of exciting activities around the campus. There were two impressive attractions, which I highly recommended to all the students and guests. One was the photo booth, which was located in front of the H building. The photo booth was free, so after the shot you got the copies for treasuring. It was an absolutely great place for guests to keep their memories of the city west campus.

Second was the new brilliant Student Lounge. The lounge will be open 24 hours and is now open. It has been totally designed for the student and provides a social place for interacting. It will definitely become my best study place. The student lounge is equipped with a self-service food area, mobile charging facilities, and a common student loungearea with the big television, newspaper and some student lockers. Also the area is a suitable place to chill out and a great common area for students to make connections. The atmosphere is full of liveliness.

Overall, the open day was remarkable and interesting.

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