Let’s go for a BBQ picnic

190x180_Veasna  by Veasna

Most days are sunny during October. It is not too hot, not too cold, just a good time for a picnic.

After saying goodbye to the cold season and unpredictable weather of September, finally we jumped into a warm season in October.  For all of us as a student, now we are busy under pressure for preparing the final exams. But we really need a time to relax for feeling refresh and positive. Let’s leave the heavy study notes for a moment and enjoy the beautiful weather for a picnic with BBQ.

Good weather provides us a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and catch up with friends.  A BBQ picnic left a deep impression on me. I remember almost all my previous’ BBQ activities with friends were held during October. It is a best time for a picnic with outdoor BBQ and enjoying the sunshine.

Last weekend, I joined my friends’ BBQ in Tusmore Park and we had a great fun together. I met new friends as well during this BBQ event, I really enjoyed it.


Ok, I’ve talked a lot about how the BBQ is suitable for our outdoor activities in October, now it is time to find out where we can go for a picnic with BBQ.

The website below lists all the parks and beaches which provide a free BBQ stove. You can search online any location which is convenient for you and your friends.


The park we went to for a BBQ last weekend is Tusmore Park. It is about 6kms distance from city to the park. This park has tennis courts, child playing facilities, and beautiful bridge. It is a nice place for a picnic with BBQ, although it would be much better if there are some big tables and seats like Semaphore Beach BBQ area.

Now, it is your time for a picnic with BBQ to catch up your friends, meet new friends, enjoy the fresh air, and experience local lifestyle! 😉

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