Make the most of your uni summer break

190x180_Arthur  by Arthur

Time is passing so fast and SP5 is almost over. I want to recommend to you guys five different ways on how to effectively spend your summer holidays.

  • Find temporary work (part time work)
  • Seek an internship
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Take a holiday road trip
  • Volunteer work
Me working part time
Me working part time

In my own opinion, I recommend you find temporary work and have a short road trip during the holiday.

For those who need some pocket money for the next year, or those who simply have nothing to do during the break, it is an opportunity to seek a part time job. It will help you to gain working experience which is something we are not able to learn from the text books and you will get paid too. So you can earn as you learn. 

On holiday visiting the Sydney Opera House on their Open Day
On holiday visiting the Sydney Opera House on their Open Day

And once we get back into the university study, vacation time is scarce. Adapting to a four or five day a week study grind with little time off can be extremely tough.

Therefore, it is important to seize vacation opportunities when you can. A quick road trip with friends or even your family can generate memories to treasure for the rest of your life. It is also a great chance to recharge batteries.

So make the decision for a colourful summer holiday.

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