How to survive exams

190x180_Nabil1  by Bill

“Never too late” is a motto I strongly adhere to. Even if it’s one hour before my assignment’s due, I still hold true to that saying. The same thing goes with my exam prep; it’s never too late till you step into the exam hall.

Being a last minute crammer, I think I can safely say that I’m qualified to pass on some wisdom to the young, aspiring last minute study-goers. Please note that I’m not advocating procrastination but I think it’s a bit too late right now to advise you to change your behaviour (hopefully you’ll adapt a less last minute approach next year).

New Year’s resolution, don’t procrastinate!

So here goes, my tips to help you survive this exam period:

Tip 1: If there’s a consultation hour or PASS revision session, go for it

PASS revision sessions can be a lifesaver if you’re fortunate enough to be taking the courses that have PASS sessions dedicated for them like business subjects. The PASS sessions are free and are conducted by students who achieved a ‘Distinction’ or ‘High Distinction’ in the subject. The PASS Peer Leaders also provide exam tips, so this should be your number one stop for revision.

However, if your course doesn’t offer PASS, your lecturer/tutor may be your next safe bet. If they’ve kindly organised some time off for a consult, try and use them since they may be willing to hand over some tips for the exams since you’ve made the effort to try and see them. Not that this is a sure fire way of getting exam tips but even if they don’t give you what you seek, at least try and ask them to explain some of the core concepts of the course that are likely to come up in the exam, which brings me to tip no. 2.

Tip 2: The weekly tutorials with the most questions/longest answers are highly likely to be the ones in the exam

This one may not be applicable to courses like engineering but here’s the general gist: if the lecturer has spent a lot of time going through a particular week or emphasised a set of questions, that’s your cue. If you’re desperate and short on time, focusing your efforts to try and master these topics could be a potential lifesaver. Of course, this only applies if you’ve regularly attended the tutorials. Which brings me to the last stand: tip 3.

Tip 3: Find a private tutor

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. You can search the Golden Key tutors online (for business subjects) and hopefully find a tutor. Be warned though, that you have to pay for their services and it can be around $30 per hour at such late notice but I think that amount pales in comparison to having to pay and re-take the entire course again next year.

studying-groupTip 4: Group study

The tried and trusted method when all else fails – group study is definitely better than going solo. Some may argue that you don’t get anything much from group study but I’ll say that a little something is better than nothing at all. Someone in your circle of friends may know a topic that everyone else doesn’t so let the discussion flow from there. Or at least, brainstorming to try and understand a particular topic is more fun/productive than trying to motivate yourself alone so go groupie!!

Tip 5: Pray hard

Not really a tip but if there ever was time to pray hard or to quote a friend of mine, “find your religion”, exams are pretty much top of the list.

And don’t forget to check out the Languages, Literacies and Learning website (L3) for more tips on how to prepare for your exams.

All the best for your exams and in true last minute fashion, as much as I’d like to stick around and chat, I have to go and finish my assignment that’s due tomorrow.

Gracias muchas senors & senoritas!

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