How I felt the moment I won

60x57_Bhaba  By Bhaba,

It was really a fantastic feeling to be the winner of the 2015 Study Adelaide International Student Awards [Academic Excellence, Postgraduate Research].

photo 1
Me (in the middle) with my UniSA friend, my wife and my little mate!

I appeared as a finalist in the open crowd in the yard of Governor’s house of South Australia. It was a diverse crowd of school, college and university students and their family and friends. I had my friend, my wife and little mate (my 3 year old boy) too!

At parties I usually miss something important – at least my partner strongly believes so. I’ve got a very good excuse that I’m a sincere and active PhD student who cooks his brain always, so little mistakes are acceptable for me. On this occasion, I missed the memo to wear full sleeve suit-coat-tie although casual neat attire was instructed. My friend made fun of me about this because he was confident that I would receive the award on the stage from the Honourable Governor Mr Hieu Van Le. Ignoring his confidence I said “I am happy to be a finalist here with one Pale Ale, one South Australian red wine, many nibbles and this fantastic crowd.”

Photo 2
Receiving the award from the Honourable Governor of SA

It was then such a surprise when I had to find someone else to hold my beer! I got to be on the stage to receive the winning award of 2015 Study Adelaide International Student [Postgraduate Research Excellence]. I was dumbfounded but honoured to receive an award from His Excellency the Honourable Governor, South Australia.

All award recipients from different categories

I find that higher research studies needs more than a dedication to research and study. Rather it needs inspiration from the voluntary involvement with community and culture, which is exactly what the judges acknowledged me for. I want to see myself as a little part of the new horizon of multidisciplinary research at University of South Australia linking to environment, industry and community people, to deliver an excellent benefit for all of us.

Thanks UniSA for providing such an excellent research platform and thanks Study Adelaide for inspiring me.

A community and industry linking multidisciplinary research can deliver a sustainable green environment

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