4 Things I Realised, 4 Months After Graduation!

60x57_Dale  by Dale

Just when you thought going through exams was antagonising, things will only get more interesting and challenging after graduation !

  1. Competition
    What jobs should i apply for ? How am i going to find that answer? Where can i search for those answers? This are the 3 fundamental questions that most students would ask themselves upon graduation (unless of course, one already know what career path that they would like to embark on). This process is more of a self-discovery process in which you search within yourself for those answers – “What are the things you like or you excel in?” and “Would you mind doing that as a career?”.Subsequently, after getting past the first stage, you would reach stage 2 – Competition! I have now found the job that i would love to be in, but how am i going to compete with those who are applying for the similar position?  Job application process can be rather exhaustive and demoralising, given that job opportunities in most countries and cities are rather limited.Advices: For those of you who are currently at Stage 1 and have yet to find your answers, you could invest your time in a wide-range of activities. Anything would do, just join something! The purpose of that would be through the experiences of those activities, you would be able to discovery more about yourself – your interest, your dislikes, your fortes, etc etc …  . Through this self-discovery process, even if you are not offered the job of your choice, it would not be hard for you to transit to other choices.
  2. Excelling in your job
    It can be a rather daunting when you’re in your first job. The job scope seems endless and one would always feel that their skills and knowledge are inadequate, especially so for those who have great aspirations and want to climb higher up the corporate ladder, they would want to “upgrade themselves” in the quickest time possible.Advices: Use your time while at University to hone your skill sets. That could be in the form of internship or job placement. If you are unable to get into those, having a part-time job or participating in extra-curriculum activities would be equally beneficial. One of the hardest challenge i faced was social skills, a skill set that was paramount in my job.
  3. Further improving oneself
    For those who are already working part-time, you would know how exhaustive it is after work and the last thing you would ever want to do is to do something mentally exhaustive, I.E reading. All you would want is to have a nice warm bath and then rest on your comfortable bed.Advices: It might seem a long time from now till your graduation, but time really does flies. My sincere recommendation would be to start cultivating the habit of reading and improving oneself – be it knowledge or skill wise. Little by little, those improvements would contribute greatly to your later stages of life.” Life is an endless journey that would stop only on the day you die. Therefore wouldn’t it be wise if you could start preparing for this endless journey today” – Dale 
  4. The importance of network
    One of my biggest “regrets” was not having forge more meaningful friendships. Receiving a “How have you been” message from someone you met while at Uni can be really nostalgic -the memories we shared and the connection we established. From a business viewpoint, you won’t know when this connections would come in handy someday too 😀Advices: Although some of us might find it awkward in social settings or that making friends is not something you are comfortable with, you could always start by participating at activities such as ‘Your culture My culture’, where the first activity would be a ‘ice-breaking’ session. You would not have to do all the talking. There would definitely be chirpier teammates who would do all the talking. All you need to do is just smile and trying your best to interact (within your comfort zone). 



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