Summer Holidays Adelaide to Gold Coast


60x57_Andy By Andy,

Here we are in March – the main semester has already started – welcome back to uni! Assignments and essays are waiting for you haha! For the newcomers, a big and warm welcome to Adelaide and UniSA!

While lectures and school work return to our daily life, it still takes a bit of time to get rid of the holiday mood doesn’t it? How was your summer holiday? Guess where I went on mine?

Gold Coast!

Australia has many awesome coastlines and Gold Coast is definitely one of them. Sunshine and water sports are obviously the things you first think of when talking about Gold Coast and with 57km of coastline this is your paradise. Beaches include South Stradbroke Island, Main Beach, Palm Beach, Coolangatta and lots more.

Gold Coast is a city in Queensland, the second largest city in the state and the most populous non-capital city…. Okay okay, I know it is boring and sometimes photos are better than words – here you go!


pic3The skyscraper in the Southern Hemisphere

You may wonder how I took this photos? The answer is the Q1 building (Queensland Number One) which until  April 2011 was the tallest residential building in the world. With a ticket you can jump on the express elevator and it will bring you to the observation deck SkyPoint on level 77 in 43 seconds. If you are looking for something more exciting you can book a Skypoint Climb and climb even higher than the observation deck. It’s the highest external building walk in this country.

pic4I lived in an apartment in Surfers Paradise. This area is a fantastic place to stay – you are close to the beach, public transport, shops, restaurants, banks, you name it. There are lists of accommodation you can find from very affordable hostels to luxurious hotels.

One of the largest Gold Coast night markets, the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets, takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night. There are over a hundred stalls and it is a nice place whether you are a treasure hunter or after-dinner walker.

If you want to shop big, Gold Coast has several large shopping malls and outlets like Pacific Shopping Fair, Australia Fair Shopping Centre in Southport and Robina Town Centre.

pic11Transportation is quite easy in Gold Coast. You can rent a car but if you don’t drive, don’t worry, the system in Queensland is similar to the one in South Australia (SA). GoCard, instead of Metro Card in SA, works exactly the same. You can purchase the card in any convenience store or tourist info centre. From my experience, SA students are not eligible for concession fares in Queensland.

Theme parks

Gold Coast is well-known for having many fantastic theme parks: Warner Bros. Movie World, Dreamworld, Sea World and Magic Mountain. There are fascinating amusement rides and awesome shows (To be honest, the roller coaster is way too much for me. I’ll watch some shows instead…). Tickets can be purchased online before departure or  you can easily get tickets from travel agents and tourist centres when you arrive. Sometimes you may find discounts and good deals.

There is a tiger show in Dreamworld.  Tigers like milk! And you may not know it but tigers can climb!

How about eating? It is an important part of any travel! Okay, this time I found two restaurants which are really awesome. One is called Amimoto Japanese restaurant in Surfers Paradise. The owner is Japanese and the foods are so fresh and tasty with really affordable prices. This place is fairly difficult to notice as it is located in a small cross lane. The other one is in Southport called DaeBark Korean restaurant Amazing food and not expensive. Many local Koreans go there as well. Yet the location of this restaurant on google map is wrong. It is at the location around 55 Nerang St. Better call to confirm before you go.

One more restaurant apart from Asian food is Hurricane’s Grill wihch has very nice steak and rib. It is in Surfers Paradise as well.

In Surfers Paradise you can find many other good restaurants and shops in different styles. Even though you may not be keen on night life like me, it is very relaxing and enjoyable getting nice food, shopping, watching street shows or anything you want to do. This is what I find attractive in a city.

Every trip has imperfection. It has to be, so there is a reason for me to go again. Travel means a lot – a relaxing time, a lovely memory, seeing a new place, a new friend or even a new self.

I enjoy walking when I am travelling so I can have direct contact with the place and I can have a look at how the local people live. This is the way I can feel the city – the real side of a place. I am not a traveller, but I do enjoy travel. At the end of every trip I am excited to plan the next. Because it is the moment I can feel how big this world is, how real and incredibly beautiful it is.

pic25All photos and videos by iPhone 5S.

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