A Return to Adelaide


profile-pic By Ary,

Six years ago I studied accounting at the University of South Australia (UniSA). I lived in Adelaide with my family and it was such a good experience I decided to return for more.

But along my way to Adelaide, I felt like I was being plunged into a new world. I kept asking myself, am I ready for this? This is going to be my first long journey alone without my family.

After a 5.5 hours flight, I arrived at Adelaide at 6.30am. I stepped confidently onto the concourse at the airport and felt like I was coming home after 6 years. Adelaide is my second home.


To settle in Adelaide was not hard as it is not a big city and the people are friendly. With an excellent environment, Adelaide is a good place to study.  The government really supports students. For instance, the Lord Mayor invites new students to a welcoming party and they also provide concession tickets for students. With many various ethnic groups living in multicultural Adelaide, it is not surprising that Adelaide is well known as a City of Cultural Festivals.

I was so excited! At 3.30pm, the same day, I went to UniSA’s City West campus to meet my supervisors for the first time. They welcomed me and introduced me to all the lecturers and staff, then showed me around the building and arranged for my office. I thought, “Wow, I am going to have my own office, this is so cool!”

At first I had no idea how to deal with my PhD study. My mind was blurred. But, I believed, it was not the end of the world as UniSA has an excellent studying environment, a wide range of resources and not to mention, sophisticated buildings.

AryThe Research Degree Centre and the School of Commerce have played a big part in helping me settle in. They have given me valuable information, such as the orientation and a lot of workshops on embarking on this never-ending and challenging world (PhD). The people at UniSA are so warm and helpful. My supervisors are very supportive and always teaching me about their passions.  The weekly meeting set up by my supervisors pushes me to discipline myself and makes study (reading and writing) become a habit.

I remind myself of a quote from a fellow PhD student, Tracey, which encourages me to go along this journey “the university actually is there to support you”. This is very true, as even at the starting point, I am experiencing the support services.



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  1. Joe Malcolm Tonkollie says:

    I am Joe M. Tonkollie from Liberia West Africa and write to express my interest of becoming one of your international study but i am from is country where you do not has an agent. so please help me to get on .

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