Getting the Scholarship and the Job!

How my volunteering achievements helped me to succeed at UniSA.

uijy By Muhammad Reefath,

Hello everyone,

In my last post, “From Mentee to Mentor” I have shared my story about “How my first day at orientation leads me towards leadership at UniSA.” And the story continues…

The Student Engagement Officers noticed my enthusiasm and keen interest to get involved with the university. Guess what! A new door opened in my life. A few weeks later, I received an email from the Student Transition Coordinator to be a member of the EQUIS Re-accreditation Business School Report 2016. equisHow could I say no to that opportunity? It is one of the most prestigious Student Leadership Awards at the University of South Australia. I voluntarily worked within a group of students, academic and professional staffs and the Pro Vice Chancellor of UniSA’s Business School. I was responsible for highlighting the business student’s perspectives and was also the Facebook group administrator for the project. business-school-eventAt the end of the project, the Pro Vice Chancellor was very satisfied with the report contents and quality. Later we had a celebration dinner party too!


Somewhere I read, ‘Be Heard Be Recognised.’ Another leadership opportunity opened up for me. The idea was simple, grab all the leadership opportunities I can. Later I became a Student Advice Panel Member at UniSA. Leadership just got started, I keep participating in surveys, focus groups and interviews opportunities for business development and marketing activities of UniSA’s Business School.

A few weeks later I received another email from the Business School Pro Vice Chancellor’s department to participate in the UniSA Highly Engaged Students Engagement Framework. It was the first professional focus group of my life. I was a bit nervous because things are now moving towards higher professional level. However, when I attended the focus group session, I found out all the senior staffs are very friendly too! It was a great experience for me; I was given the opportunity to share my ideas and thoughts and speak on behalf of the students of Business School. highly-engaged-students-framework-unisaThe primary purpose was to improve the student experience at the University of South Australia. There were other student leaders from all the schools and departments, and it was great collaboration and sharing of ideas between the students, student leaders and staffs.unisa-student-leaders-award-event

I believe UniSA is the best university in the world because the university cares about the students and their well-being and always tries to improve the student experience. I guess this is why UniSA is the highest ranked University for Student Satisfaction in South Australia.

A few days later another email! And I am enjoying it so far. The Pro Vice Chancellor of UniSA’s Business School invited me to join her table at the 2016 CEDA ‘Women and Leadership Series: Business and Innovation’ event at the InterContinental Adelaide! I cannot express in words how happy I was!


Also, as an Academic Advocacy Volunteer and Course Representative, I help to increase the integrity awareness within the international student communities and discuss the matters of general interest to students such as work assessment loads and the management of the course and pass information to the relevant academic staffs. highly-engaged-students

Who knew, a simple volunteering opportunity would take me this far? I was motivated and pumped. Leadership became a passion for me. At the end of the semester, a leadership scholarship opened. I am not letting this got away! Hey, but it is always better to have a mentor for leaders too. I am lucky and grateful to have five mentors at the university. They always assist and guide me through all the activities I participate. I booked appointments with the academic and career advisors of the Business School to have a discussion about nature and application process of the scholarship.future-leaders-recognition-awards-unisa A week later I applied for the scholarship. I was confident that I would have a chance to get the scholarship. But I was not overconfident for sure; I checked my resume and supporting documents over five times with the career advisor. Want to know the best thing about UniSA? Teachers, Staffs, Academic and Career Advisors at UniSA will help as many times you need help. They are always ready to provide support and guidance; you just have to ask them or take an appointment.

And yes! I did get the UniSA Scholarship for Student Leadership. The opportunity opened another door to act as a Student Ambassador at UniSA. As a UniSA Student Ambassador, I am working with the Student Engagement Unit and Project Management of large scale (50 to 300 participants) campus-wide events (Multicultural Week, Orientation Weeks, Open Day, Careers Expo, Volunteering and Clubs Fest, Movies at Campus, etc.) and performing general administration duties.

multicultural-week-02I am assisting the marketing and communications team in developing promotional materials for international and domestic students to engage more with the university events and non-academic activities. Creating online contents, social media promotions and gathering informal and formal feedback from students and staffs to increase student satisfaction. Liaising and collaborating with related stakeholders/working groups, both internally and externally including professional and academic staff to maximise campus vibrancy. student-engagement-event-unisa

Volunteering leads to employability, and there is a chance to grab a student leadership position! I believe I have played my cards right. After all the hard work, a job opportunity knocked my door. The opportunity was to work casually on an International Project at the University of South Australia (UniSA International). So I applied for the job, and it was another success! Now I am casually working as Project Assistant at the UniSA International and also continuing my final year studies at the UniSA Business School.

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