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uijy By Muhammad Reefath,

StudyAdelaide is a government organisation that provides information and support (living in Adelaide, work, study and student awards) to international students in Adelaide, South Australia. StudyAdelaide also organises international student engagement and student experience events throughout the year.


Photo Reference:  StudyAdelaide Website.

StudyAdelaide was established in 1998 and markets Adelaide as a centre of education excellence; highlighting the many advantages that international students who choose to live, work and study in South Australia have (Reference: StudyAdelaide Website).

Once students arrive here, StudyAdelaide goes beyond the welcome and offers a year-long calendar of free and discounted events and activities that give students the opportunity to meet, make new friends and immerse themselves in different aspects of Australian culture (Reference: StudyAdelaide Website).

I have attended the “Lord Mayor’s Welcome for International Students” event in March 2016. It was an amazing experience for me to meet with the mayor and many other international students from different cultural backgrounds who came to study in different colleges and universities in South Australia.

International students were invited to the Adelaide Town Hall to celebrate the welcome event. There were photo booths, koalas, traditional Aboriginal music about welcome to the country.

Photo Reference: StudyAdelaide Facebook Page

There was a chance to meet with the Adelaide’s Lord Mayor and take pictures with him.

muhammad-reefath-with-the-adelaide-mayorThe Mayor took pictures with all the international students who attended the event. There were free foods and drinks for everyone, including vegetarian and Halal option. It was one of the best student events I have ever attend. A very special thanks to StudyAdelaide for organising events like this. It feels like home in Adelaide. There was an excellent inspirational welcome speech from the Lord Mayor to all the international students. It was a great motivation for me to start the academic year.

Photo Reference: StudyAdelaide Facebook Page

In the event, I made some new friends too. We took pictures together and had a chat to know each others country, study area and cultural background.

lord-mayors-welcome-for-international-students-2016It was nice meeting new people in the event. I love to engage a lot with the community, and StudyAdelaide is one of the best organisation in Adelaide that organises student engagement events for the international student communities. Getting connected to StudyAdelaide helped me a lot to settle down in Adelaide. To be honest, I love everything about Adelaide. The people, festive culture, the natural beauty and the architectural design of the city made me fell in love with the city. After completing my degree, I want to live and work locally in Adelaide, SA.

Anyway, back to the party. There were many organisations in the party too. SA Police provided safety and hazard information about living in Adelaide; ANZ Bank provided student banking information; Vodafone was also there providing low-cost mobile plans for students and much more. There were a lot of freebies; pens, chocolates, notepads, etc.


Photo Reference: StudyAdelaide Facebook Page

Check out these cool student videos by StudyAdelaide!

  1. Adelaide is the best city to live, enjoy and study. An affordable city with high-quality educational institutions and excellent work-life balance, there are many things to see and do in this city of festivals and events.
  1. 2015 International Student Awards

At the end of 2015, StudyAdelaide farewelled graduating students and awarded students for their outstanding commitment to their studies at the 2015 International Student Awards and Governor’s Farewell at Government House.

  1. The University of South Australia

The Amazing Ambassador – Dan from Qingdao, China – takes a campus tour at the University of South Australia, with the international director at the University Gabrielle Rolan talking about the practical skills that students can learn at the university.


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