UniSA Community Gardens!

The Community Garden is UniSA’s way of saying, “Let’s Relax A Little!”

uijy By Muhammad Reefath,

Imagine having a lovely rooftop garden on your campus, where you can take a break from your studies and chill-out with your friends for an hour while learning about gardening and greening your campus. Sounds amazing! Isn’t it? Well, do you know there is a beautiful community garden at our City West Campus of the University of South Australia Business School?

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos (Photos by Peter)

unisa-community-gardens-student-staff-engagementLast year the project started as a part of the Student Life of UniSA Business School and it was a very successful project – I meant, it was a super hit project! And the best news is, this year again we are having the UniSA Community Garden events throughout the academic year.

When: Study Period 2 every Tuesday 10:30 am – 11:30 am (except during breaks).

Where: Rooftop, Kaurna and Hawke Buildings Level 5, City West Campus.

Facebook Page: UniSA Community Gardens Facebook Events

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)

The UniSA Community Gardens event is a student-staff engagement event. You can learn about gardening, sustainability, business ethics, greening our campus, and most importantly you will feel like part of the university community. Yes! You can feel the love of UniSA.

unisa-community-gardens-food-75Let’s define the UniSA Love! I am just going to be a bit silly now! What does uni love means for a student? I know, you’re thinking about free pizza right? Well, you got it! But not just pizza, the UniSA Community Gardens provide free morning tea and coffee, various kinds of cultural food every week, including healthy diets and fresh juice. And if we are lucky we may even have desserts  in some days! You can’t believe it right? Yes, it is almost unbelievable!

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)


I started this topic with free food, because secretly  we all love free food. Ha ha!  And now you are more interested too read this article, aren’t you! Just kidding mates! Do you know there  is music in the garden too? Free foods, drinks, music, isn’t that enough to make you feel relaxed? But our management team is very kind that they will give you a free plant too, which you can take home. If you wish you can also help us to build the garden and make it more beautiful. The garden always appreciates your help, and you know when you do some extra things you automatically feel part of the university community.

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)

I attended most of the community garden events last year and met with a lot of new people and made some excellent friends including some of the university’s academic and professional staffs. Honestly, the garden have helped me get involved with the university and when you see the same face with a big smile every week, you feel that you are a part of the group.

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)

The first couple of weeks were a bit quiet, but as weeks passed by the number of students and staff started to increase. By mid-year, almost 100+ students and staff regularly visited the garden. Sometimes we call ourselves the bees of the garden. Get it! We are the bees who colour our small cute little garden every week. And sure you can hear the buzzing noise. Ha ha!

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos (Photos by Peter)


Photo Credit: Muhammad Reefath Rahman

Our fantastic Student Engagement Officers takes care of the garden and they work so hard under the burning sun and in the freezing cold to make the garden looks beautiful and keeping it alive. Without them, it is even impossible to imagine a garden, so I would like to thank them, on behalf of all the students, for creating such a fantastic garden. It has actually enhanced our student life and student experiences at UniSA.

unisa-community-gardens-student-engagement-officersTristana, Peter, Olexij, Shoaib and Ryan are our Student Engagement Officers. We are blessed to have these amazing people supporting us by enhancing our university life experience. I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)

Tristana is our Student Transition Coordinator. She also works with us in building our garden with everyone. She is also a great mentor and a role model in my life, and I always try learn from her. Honestly, I am truly blessed to have a mentor like her. Since last year, I have worked with her in four UniSA Business School student projects and in all the four she has been a great team leader. The best news  Tristana shared with us is that current project is involved in the broader UniSA community gardens project, and essentially have set up this part and then we will be involved in the greening George Street project, and other community gardens at City West campus. How exciting is that!

I first met Peter at the Business Peer Mentor program. Since that day, Peter has been an amazing mentor in developing my student engagement activities. I always get inspired from his work and from his outstanding photography skills. To be really honest, I also try to take nice pictures of the UniSA Business School events. Though I use my phone, as I don’t have a camera, but I have the Peter’s inspiration. Peter is also our professional ‘Mr. Photographer’. He loves to capture every enjoyable moment of the events. He has two cool cameras and shares his photos on the University of South Australia’s City West Campus Facebook page and also in the Photos by Peter.

I first met Olexij at the Orientation Week’s volunteering. All the volunteers had complimentary breakfast from UniSA Business School and I remembered that Olexij suggested me an organic mixed juice. Anyway, back to the topic. Then later I met with Olexij in SPICED events and community garden events. Olexij is our professional ‘Mr. Plant Enthusiast’. He just loves working in the garden and has an extensive knowledge about gardening and sustainability. If you have any questions about gardening, feel free to ask him. He can give you some excellent advice about planting and gardening. He also has his own business of brewing. His business is focused on brewing collective born in a shed on the Western Ridge of the Barossa Valley. You can get more information here (https://www.facebook.com/westernridgebrewing/?pnref=story).

I also first met with Shoaib in the Business Peer Mentor program. I think Shoaib is very cool and his soundtracks are amazing. Just amazing. I have a watched a number of Shoaib’s  UniSA Testimonial videos and those videos always just inspired me that I need to keep going forward no matter what life throws at me. The best thing I learned from Shoaib is grab every opportunity you have. Shoaib is our ‘Mr. DJ’. He loves music. Music and soundtracks are his life. We often play Shoaib’s soundtracks in the garden. Trust me you will love the beats and tunes of his music. He is a true master DJ. He is also very popular in the local community for his music practices. You can listen to Shoaib’s soundtracks here. (https://www.mixcloud.com/shoaib-gill/).

Sound Track and DJ: Shoaib Gill

Video Credit: Muhammad Reefath Rahman

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)


Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos (Photos by Peter)

unisa-community-gardens-gardening-adviseLast year, Trees for Life visited us in the garden and gave us Australian native plants to get the community garden started, we also had a Bonsai making event! Some of the most amazing Bonsai plants were displayed. I learned a lot about Bonsai that day. Earlier this year, we had a working bee in the garden. Some of the more highly engaged students participated in the event to re-create, decorate and prepare the garden for this year’s events. It was a cool, funny name, though! Working Bees! I liked it! Lol.

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)

unisa-community-gardens-students-enggagement-007In my opinion the UniSA Community Garden event, is the best casual gathering of students and staff and the perfect place to relax your mind for an hour while sharing ideas, making new friends, learning about gardening, environment sustainability, and business ethics while greening our campus. Most importantly, there is a chance to enhance your professional network with the university’s academic and professional staff.

Photo Credit: Peter Andrinopoulos  (Photos by Peter)


I look forward seeing you in our community garden!

# The Community Garden is UniSA’s way of saying, “Let’s Relax A Little!” # — Muhammad Reefath Rahman

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