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City West Campus and Why Students Love It

josh-unisa-student-blogger by Josh 

Life at UniSA isn’t purely academic – it’s an experience of community, creativity and connectivity and the City West campus helps foster this. The campus hosts a handful of schools, research centres, and institutes, and is a hub for both learning and living thanks to its modern teaching and leisure facilities, convenient location and surroundings. So let’s go over some of the highlights of the City West campus.9026

Being the campus that houses the world class UniSA Business School, the academic facilities at City West match what is expected of a business school ranked in the top 1% worldwide. With over a dozen teaching buildings, the campus offers modern and sophisticated classrooms and learning spaces. A testament to the modern facilities is the Jeffery Smart Building – the campus library. Named in honour of the late Australian artist, this building is fitted with six stories of classrooms, open and private study areas, and an impressive $8 million worth of technology, all while still maintaining a 5 Green Star energy rating and being accessible 24 hours. Buildings such as this provide the students studying at this campus with high quality, 21st century education.

When students aren’t employing the university’s academic and teaching facilities, many find themselves in the Student Lounge. The Student Lounge opened in late 2015 and was designed with the involvement of UniSA architecture and interior architecture students. It acts as a social centre for students even outside of semesters, and hosts a variety of community and recreational events. This area is a student favourite thanks to features such as the large screen projector, beanbag lounging area, private and open social spaces, secure lockers, phone charging station, games area, and central location on campus. When strolling through here you can find anything, from students finishing assignments while eating dinner, to playing a riveting and intense game of UNO, this truly is the social heart of City West.

Facilities_student lounge

The thing that creates the strong community at City West is the amount of events that occur on campus. Whether it be SPICED, the Community Gardens, Careers Week, or the Brekky Bar, there’s always something going on. One of the most successful events on campus would undoubtedly be SPICED, where students experience anSPICED UniSA 01d embrace a diverse range of cultural cooking demonstrations from around the world, at no charge! SPICED has been immensely popular, gathering hundreds of attendees throughout the year, and is just one example of the many events that enrich the culture at City West.

Another plus of the campus is the prime location in the north-west of the city. Students at City West have the pleasure of being a minutes’ walk from an abundance of cafés, restaurants, bars, and clubs along Hindley Street, offering a good time all day and night. At the end of Hindley Street students find themselves at the main shopping centre of Adelaide, Rundle Mall, which acts as a social hotspot and connects the state to international fashion, cuisine, and lifestyle. The additional convenience of the nearby buses, train and free trams means that you can swiftly move across the city and beyond with ease. Such proximity to the centre of Adelaide provides something for everyone.

While the City West facilities make it a modern campus of the utmost quality, in the coming years, life here will only get better as newer and grander buildings are complete. One of these buildings is the new Pridham Hall, expected to be complete in early 2018. Thanks to the gracious $5 million gift from the Pridham Foundation, the Hall is set to become the communal epicentre of the campus, with facilities for social, corporate and cultural events, exams, graduations, sporting events, a fitness centre and swimming pool.


Also expected to open in 2018 is the Health Innovation Building, located just across North Terrace. This $230 million research facility will include the Centre for Cancer Biology, Sci.C.Ed Studio, and the Innovation & Collaboration Centre and is set to provide new research, teaching and community engagement opportunities. It’s safe to say that both the Pridham Hall and the Health Innovation Building are establishing a bold new standard for university life.

The City West campus offers a unique communal and academic experience for those who attend the university. What makes the campus such a special place is the quality of teaching within the walls, the close distance to the heart of Adelaide, the grandiose vision of the buildings to come, and the social centre that enriches the UniSA experience for all students.



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