Loving Law at UniSA

Rahima 2 by Rahima

Friends and relatives often ask me why I transferred from Adelaide University to the University of South Australia. Before I answer this let me tell you how it all started.

When I was in high school I did the psychology course from year 10 to year 12. I was determined to study psychology and pursue a career as a psychologist. This led me to enrol in the Bachelor of Psychological Science at Adelaide University. When I realised psychology wasn’t for me I decided to change universities. This led me to apply to study Law and International Relations at the University of South Australia (a decision I would never regret).

Law is taught in a trimester system at UniSA, which I loved.  It provided flexibility to spread my study load across all three trimesters and accelerate my progress through the course. It gave me the opportunity to take more units in a year and helped me complete my degree earlier than expected as I only have two courses left in my International Relations degree.

The law degree at UniSA is very practical – from the very first subject we were expected to give presentations, participate in negotiations and give submissions to the court. My first assignment at law school was to attend the Magistrate Court.

Now having completed my law degree I am glad to have transferred into law and into UniSA. The practical side of the degree and class engagement boosted my confidence which led me to participate in various extra-curricular activities.

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