Name: Hoang

Home Country: Vietnam

Study Area: Business, Marketing


Hello lovely people,

Thanks for being interested in viewing my profile! One big applause for you, clap, clap, clap.

Three words about me: Food, Eat and Eat again!

I love to cook and explore new things in the gastronomy. I’ve also done a Marketing degree at UniSA so if there is anything that relates to both Marketing and food, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂 Check out my websites if you have not had enough of me, haha
hoangmnguyen.com and meontheplate.com.

Fun Facts

Probably, one of the whitest Asians you’ll have ever met.

My hair turns red when I’m in the sun.

I can stay under the water for more than 30 seconds. yeah, I’m like a fish!

Blog Posts

  1. https://unisablog.com/2016/11/30/budget-cooking-in-adelaide/