Muhammad Reefath


Name: Muhammad Reefath

Home Country: Bangladesh

Study Area: Business, Marketing, Engineering



I am a Digital Marketer and a Business Analyst with five years of experience in marketing, retail and business development. With lots of practical experience to back me up, as well as a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree from the University of South Australia (Top 1% Business School Worldwide) and an extensive skill set, I have got the flexibility and necessary experience to enhance your business operations.

I have succeeded in many leadership roles, including as an international project assistant, team leader, student ambassador, blogger, student mentor and event coordinator at the University of South Australia. I pride myself as a resourceful and innovative individual who is an expert in the field of marketing, advertising, business information systems, market analysis, and event management. Now, I am looking for new challenges and hope to venture even further down my chosen career path, learning as I go.

Online Resume

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International Project Assistant, Student Ambassador, Student Leader, Student Blogger, Business Mentor, EQUIS Reaccreditation Student Report Member, Sustainability Committee Member, Student Advice Panel Member, Course Representative, Event Assistant, Event Manager and Academic Advocacy Volunteer at the University of South Australia.

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