Xui (Diana)


Name: Xui (Diana)

Home Country: Malaysia

Study Area: Psychological Science , Business, Human Resources Management


Hi everyone, I am Diana from Malaysia. I graduated from Foundation Course in Eynesbury International College, and currently studying a double degree in Psychological Science and HR. I have been living in Adelaide since Oct 2012, and I enjoy living a peaceful city. I love having adventures with friends from beaches to the outback. And, of course, I like eating fantastic food in Adelaide and everywhere else in the world.

My advice to students who considering coming to Adelaide is to come with an open mind and challenge yourself. You get to explore about yourself and the unknown city, since you are away from home. Studying at UniSA offers an excellent opportunity to self-and-professional develop via programs/activities, and offers a great practical course that’s relevant to our future professional field.

Blog Posts

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